In the sea of resources that is the internet, it can be hard to know where to begin looking for quality material on the matter of play. Linked below are a few stellar sites to get you started.


  • This is, by far, my favorite blog on play places. Despite the blog’s title, it features far more than just ‘playscapes,’ with posts on playgrounds, play art, play sculpture, and play history. It is updated regularly, has expert correspondents as contributing authors and offers a collection of out-of-print books on designing for play (available as PDFs). You really can’t go wrong by clicking this link.
  • This is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in play. I will say that I find the site a little difficult to navigate, but if you’re okay with doing a little digging, this is a veritable treasure trove of information (I’m talking textbook-volumes). I would actually start here, which is their well-hidden blog page.
  • If you’re serious about becoming a designer for play, this is a must-follow website. It’s an encyclopedia, blog, directory, news feed, online magazine, and more. Their recent redesign also makes navigating the site very intuitive.

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